You are ready to become a Manager when you have been an attorney-at-law for at least two years and satisfy Plesner's expectations for a legal adviser with this level of experience.

You have reached the stage in your development where you have extensive knowledge in your area of expertise and contribute to maintaining relationships with the clients you advise. The next natural step in your career is a more important role in project management and in the development of assistant attorneys.

Becoming a Manager can be a step towards becoming a Director or a Senior Counsel.

When are you successful in this role?

When you have a couple of years of experience as a Manager we expect you to provide excellent service to our clients and to be involved in developing the next generation of assistant attorneys concurrently with your continued development as a legal adviser.

Your role in projects
As a Manager you drive our projects to the satisfaction of clients and colleagues. You are one step ahead, coordinate effortlessly across practice areas and keep the team and the client well informed. At the same time, you are a role model for Plesner's collaborative culture and seek to secure a high level of job satisfaction among all colleagues on your projects. Due to your proactive approach and your effort to create strong collaboration among team members, you are a sought-after project manager.

Your role in management
You evaluate the performance of a number of assistant attorneys in your department on a regular basis, focusing on their professional and personal development. Together with a partner, you conduct three annual feedback interviews, providing guidance to assistant attorneys in terms of how to provide high-quality support on cases and motivate them to continue their positive development. Due to your commitment to their education, you are a sought-after manager.

Your role in the development and acquisition of clients
Together with a partner, you are an integral part of a number of client teams and are involved in client-focused initiatives, such as seminars, conferences and articles.

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