You will be able to become a Partner when we agree that you are ready to head up one of Plesner's practice areas and, together with the firm's other partners, assume ultimate responsibility for our unique firm, clients and colleagues. The assessment of your eligibility as a Partner will focus on your previous performance and on your potential to take on a significantly larger role over time.

In order to be considered for partnership, you must have been an attorney-at-law for an extended period and have performed above Plesner's expectations to a Director for a number of years. It means that you have been doing extraordinary work on our projects, that you have acquired vast knowledge and commercial awareness in your area of expertise, and that you are sought after as a manager by colleagues and as a legal adviser by clients. Finally, you have worked dedicatedly to maintain and expand client relations, and you have shown great commitment to the work involved in creating new business opportunities.

At the same time you have the potential to attract, maintain and develop the right calibre of cases and clients. You also have the ability to attract some of the country's most brilliant legal minds for your team, and you find it natural to contribute to an engaged culture of collaboration where the individual employee feels seen, heard and recognised for their contribution. Finally, you are motivated to continuously develop and maintain your professional and personal skills to ensure that we are recognised as the best in the market and that our clients want to entrust us with their next important case.

Plesner's partner group spans across a wide range of expertise, experiences, interests and personalities. Accordingly, there are many ways in which to achieve an ambition to become a Partner. An ambition which you do not necessarily have to realise when you are in your mid-30s - you might as well pursue it at a later stage of your career.

Plesner's talent committee consisting of partners from the firm's various practice areas ensures, through close dialogue and a structured procedure, that all appointments undergo a careful and consistent review.

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