You will be able to become a Senior Counsel when you have at least ten years of experience and have been a successful Manager or Director for a number of years. Expertise gained during your time as a successful Manager or Director at Plesner or while working in the corporate sector or in the public sector.

The next natural step in your career is a more important role in managing our complex and strategically important projects, in mentoring experienced attorneys-at-law, in business development and in the continued supplementary education of colleagues. Becoming a Senior Counsel can be a step on the way to becoming a Partner. 

When are you successful in this role?

When you are a Senior Counsel we expect you to provide excellent service to our clients and to be involved in developing the next generation of experienced attorneys-at-law concurrently with your continued development as an expert.

Your role in projects
As a Senior Counsel you are the expert on projects managed by others, and you drive Plesner's complex and strategically important projects to the satisfaction of clients and colleagues. You are one step ahead, coordinate effortlessly across practice areas and keep your team and clients well informed. At the same time, you are a role model for Plesner's collaborative culture and work to secure a high level of job satisfaction among colleagues on your projects. You are recognised as one of the best in your field and you are a sought-after expert among both colleagues and clients. Due to your proactive approach and your effort to ensure that everyone see themselves as an important part of the team, you are a sought-after project manager.

Your role in management
You evaluate the performance of a number of experienced attorneys-at-law in your department on a regular basis, focusing on their personal and professional development. Together with a partner, you conduct three annual feedback interviews, providing guidance to the attorneys-at-law in terms of how to provide high-quality advice on cases and motivate them to continue their positive development. Due to your commitment to their success, you are a sought-after manager. You also perform administrative and managerial duties in the department.

Your role in education

You contribute to the mandatory supplementary education of your colleagues and prepare training sessions to ensure that your colleagues are updated at all times on the most recent knowledge and case law in your field of expertise. Your teaching skills are rated highly by your colleagues.

Your role in client development and acquisition

Together with a partner, you manage and develop a number of strategic clients in your practice area. In that context you are involved in client-focused initiatives such as pitches, fee estimates and meetings. You are also involved in marketing activities, such as seminars, conferences and articles. Due to your ability to address clients' requirements and maintain relationships, they seek you out.

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