As a client with Plesner, you will be advised by some of Denmark's most talented and experienced IT lawyers and attorneys with a strong specialised knowledge within IT, technology and outsourcing. Our advice and assistance is based on in-depth industry-specific knowledge and insight into the challenges associated with the tendering, entering, negotiating and implementation of IT and technology contracts, IT projects and outsourcing.

IT & Technology

When it comes to legal advice on IT and technology, it is important to choose an adviser with an understanding of IT and the client's business combined with detailed knowledge of IT contracts - and what it means to successfully implement an IT project. By choosing our team, this is what you get.

The world of IT is developing constantly and rapidly. It is our experience that our clients have a strong focus on the digitalisation of procedures and processes - for instance, by use of cloud, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and machine learning technologies.

The acquisition and implementation of IT systems is often business critical and of strategic importance to our clients. Our IT lawyers and attorneys can contribute and assist during the entire process, from preparation of the acquisition process to the selection of the right partner.

We have a vast experience in the preparation, negotiation and implementation of large IT contracts with a view to creating and ensuring value for our clients. Therefore, we recommend that you work with us from the beginning of the acquisition/tender process in order to for us to create the best commercial value for you.

An IT contract is a management tool to ensure that the IT project is a success for the parties involved. We ensure that the contractual basis for the IT project is the right one, so the IT contract and its terms reflect the designated project methodology as well as the expectations of the parties.

Our legal counselling within IT and technology is tailored to each client's needs, including by preparing IT contracts that manage risks, commercial considerations and requirements involved in companies' investments in new technology and digitalisation.

We are highly specialized and experienced with assisting financial institutions' entering into IT and technology related agreements, as such outsourcing arrangements are often subject to special regulatory requirements. In this respect we have - in collaboration with the software developer RISMA Systems - developed an IT solution for supporting financial institutions' compliance with such regulatory requirements.

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We assist within all areas of outsourcing and have extensive experience in advising both customers and suppliers within a wide range of industries.

We see it as our finest duty not only to focus on the legal aspects of our advice but also to include the commercial and strategic aspects so we can create the best possible solutions and the highest value.

The outsourcing of part(s) of your business is typically a major or strategic decision and we are experienced in contributing to and participating in the entire outsourcing process and not just preparing and negotiating the outsourcing contract, but also in planning and preparing in the process of selecting the right outsourcing partner.

We can assist and advice within, for instance, IT operation, IT outsourcing, development and maintenance of applications and support hereof (AD/AM) as well as outsourcing of business processes (business process outsourcing (BPO)), in which tasks such as finance, accounting, customer support or similar functions are outsourced.

Furthermore, we also advise on facility management (FM) tasks such as canteen operation, cleaning services and similar service functions which are handled by an external provider.

We have special experience and expertise in advising on financial institutions' outsourcing and the special regulatory requirements that apply to these institutions. As part of that work and in collaboration with the software developer RISMA Systems, we have developed an IT solution for supporting financial institutions' compliance with regulatory requirements for outsourcing.

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IT and outsourcing can involve complex issues and make great demands on the collaboration between the customer and the provider.

During an IT project, large or small conflicts may arise when the parties disagree on, for example, which party is responsible for a delay and liable for payment for (additional) work. It is therefore important that the contract between the parties ensures reasonable possibilities of dispute resolution, including at the required pace, thus enabling the IT project to progress (almost) independently of the dispute. Plesner assist with dispute resolution, partly by proactively ensuring that the contracts address possible solutions for resolving disputes, and partly in terms of providing advice when such conflicts have arisen.

You can read more about Dispute Resolution here

Personal data and Compliance

The exchange of large amounts of data - within Denmark as well as across borders - has resulted in an increased focus on security and the protection of personal data in particular. This represents an increasingly large part of our advice in relation to IT.

Our IT lawyers and attorneys work closely with our specialised personal data and compliance team to ensure that personal data, security and compliance are in focus when we provide advice and assist with IT contracts, IT projects and outsourcing.

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  • Within Information Technology and within Telecoms, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    "The team is first of all very competent and are thought leaders within the area. They have developed the Legal Hub, that is a web tool, gathering relevant information to business people within the legal area"

    "Plesner provides excellent specialist advice in IT-related matters"

    "The Plesner IT practice advises from an in-house business-minded perspective, not from a distanced risk-averse mindset. They also have the technical expertise to understand the software service/product which is being licensed in/out"

    "Very competent and professional service"

    "High quality legal advice and very good commercial knowledge. Very short response times, continuously able to adjust if requested" (2022)


  • Plesner is listed in "Band 1" as regards Information Technology.

    The law firm Plesner is widely appreciated as one of the top IT practices in Denmark, catering to a prestigious clientele comprising insurance companies, banks and automotive giants. Its team is very well placed to handle large digitalisation projects and often negotiates master service and strategic partnership agreements as well as IT contracts. A further strength lies in data protection, with the team advising on GDPR, data processing and data compliance. It also assists with product launches and IT procurements. Furthermore, clients benefit from the firm’s expertise in litigation pertaining to telecommunications and software licensing disputes.

    "Plesner has the depth and knowledge"

    "We always experience a high level of legal and commercial insight and advice with Plesner" (2022)

  • Within Information Technology and within Telecoms, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    "Plesner’s information technology practice group takes a very client-focused approach. The firm has a good depth and manages to blend this well with accessibility and commerciality. They take the time to understand things from a business and a legal perspective. Advice is always practical, clear and solution-focused"

    "The team has a unique understanding and interest in technology"

    "They are not afraid to be tech nerds and this relates to their customers in a warm welcoming fashion"

    "The team is extremely business-minded and pragmatic in advising on commercial IP/IT transactions. They are also able to advise from a "global" perspective rather than "Danish-only" when helping their client negotiate with non-Danish counterparties. This ability to think like an in-house counsel and think globally is what separates them from other Danish law firms" (2021)

  • Renowned team covering IT outsourcing and implementation processes, as well as digital transformation projects. Highly active in data privacy and protection mandates. Also assists with transactions, commercial contracts and technology agreements.

    "Very business-minded"

    "They have a real-world, pragmatic attitude towards getting a deal done" (2021)

  • Within Information Technology and within Telecoms, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    "It is a very skilled team with high focus on making their advice and documents useful in the day-to-day operation of the business"

    "Great knowledge on both necessary areas of expertise regarding GDPR: the IT-security aspects on a deep technical and legal level. They are very competent advisers"

    "The team is very dedicated, client- and solution oriented combined with a good understanding of technology and strong legal skills" (2020)


  • Renowned team covering all areas of IT and telecoms, including regulatory matters in telecommunications, corporate acquisitions, contract negotiations and IT implementation projects. Receives regular instructions by major corporates on outsourcing projects. Also acts on contentious TMT mandates across both IT and media. Regularly acts for financial institutions and large international telecoms groups, as well as significant clients in the insurance, energy and publishing sectors.

    "In addition to being exceptionally gifted, they are very business-minded and give sound and innovative advice"

    "Proactive and very attentive to its clients" (2020)

  • Within Information technology, Telecoms and Media and entertainment Plesner is a first tier firm.

    "Contractual work, data protection and cloud computing are key strengths of Plesner's practice"

    "Plesner has notable expertise in public and commercial telecoms matters"

    "Plesner predominantly focuses on IP, commercial, technology and publishing matters in the media and entertainment sector" (2019)


  • Renowned team covering all areas of IT and telecoms, including regulatory matters in telecommunications and data protection area and cloud computing agreements. Receives regular instructions by major corporates on outsourcing projects. Also acts on contentious TMT mandates across both IT and media. Boasts a range of clients such as public entities, major film distribution companies and large international telecoms group.

    "A lighthouse in the industry"

    "Quality of judgement and quick turnaround"

    "Understands our business needs quickly and is flexible with our requirements"  (2019)

  • Within information technology and telecoms, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    "Business acumen" and an "operational approach" are characteristic of Plesner’s IT team that is best known for its expertise in data protection, cloud computing and outsourcing (2018)
  • "The team balances the legal theoretical risks with sound sense" and provides advice which is "short and very easy to follow"

    Pleased by the way that the team is always "planning and ensuring they can deliver on time" despite being in high demand (2018)

  • Within information technology and telecoms, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Plesner is experienced in advising on the regulatory aspects of telecoms transactions and is often instructed on contract and regulatory issues in data protection and cloud services (2017)
  • Renowned team covering all areas of TMT, including data protection, telecommunications regulation and cloud computing agreements. Also possesses noteworthy expertise in outsourcing projects and IT disputes. Boasts a range of clients such as public entities, major film distribution companies and large international telecom groups. 

    "They are one of the firms with the most international outlook and they are very commercial"

    "They keep to their deadlines and they provide understandable and practical advice that we can immediately use" (2017)

  • Within information technology and telecoms, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Plesner's practice "always swiftly responds to questions and provides pragmatic advice" (2016)

  • "I appreciate the team's expert knowledge and the ability to answer all issues raised, combined with outstanding availability"

    "I really enjoy working with Plesner. It's responsive and easy with invoicing, so if I had to draw on one firm in Denmark, I would recommend Plesner" (2016)

  • Top Tier

    Telecoms: Plesner’s lawyers work "efficiently and swiftly, and have a good understanding of business". Practice head Niels Christian Ellegaard is representing TetraStar and Damm Cellular Systems in a €50m claim against the Danish state concerning breach of the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) licence; the case has been appealed to the Supreme Court. Michael Vilhem Nielsen acts for Eutelsat. Other clients include Telenor, Nianet, SEAS-NVE and AT&T. Regulatory expert Jon Balsby advises clients such as Sprint.

    Information Technology: Niels Christian Ellegaard heads Plesner’s IT practice, which demonstrates "commercial acumen and market knowledge". It advises IT service providers such as Accenture, Avanade, IFS and KMD, as well as corporate end users, including Tryg, Danske Bank and MT Højgaard. Ellegaard is assisting Copenhagen Airports with a major IT project. The "sharp, friendly and responsive" Michael Hopp advises on data protection and e-commerce (2014)

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