Outsourcing is a complex process which require that the parties involved - in addition to a technical and commercial understanding - having experience in project management and preparing, negotiation and management of complex contracts. Our team of outsourcing specialist has such broad-based expertise.

We can provide advice on all legal matters related to outsourcing - from regulatory aspects, assignment of assets to questions on employee relations.

Outsourcing involves a loss of control for the customer. The outsourcing contract must provide protection against such loss of control and at the same time grant the provider the necessary flexibility. This is often a difficult exercise as the agreed price model must also be taken into consideration.

We prepare the outsourcing contract with a focus on the client's business case and we always endeavour to draft a contract that is as operational as possible, so the contract becomes a supportive and actively used tool during the entire outsourcing period.

Our experience in the area points to three essential factors as criteria for the success of outsourcing:

  • Did the parties adjust their expectations in relation to the services, scope, price, quality and other terms when they entered into the agreement?
  • Are the parties ready to enter into the collaboration?
  • Is the framework for the management and the parties' actual management of the collaboration sufficient?

The first point is addressed by entering into a suitably detailed agreement and by the parties, at the time of the conclusion of the agreement, being completely open as to their expectations and what can and will be delivered under the agreement.
The second point about readiness concerns both the client and the provider: Is the client’s organisation ready to receive the service from an external provider with the ensuing limitations? And are the provider’s processes well-documented, well-tested and sufficient for the services to be provided at a satisfactory level?

The third point concerning management of the collaboration also applies to both parties: Have the parties agreed on a suitable and efficient management framework? And are the parties in fact capable of monitoring and managing the scope, finances and quality and of adjusting, regularly and in due time, the services to match the client’s specific needs?

On the basis of our in-depth experience and expertise in outsourcing, we can assist on finding the solutions needed from the commencement of the acquisition or tender process to signing of the final agreement. 

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