Are you our new assistant attorney

A career as a business lawyer calls for a high level of legal knowledge and understanding, determination and a winning personality. As an assistant attorney at Plesner, you have all three.

You have high ambitions. We will help you achieve them.
You will not become a partner in two years. Or five for that matter. But you will be allowed to learn. And grow. Professionally and personally. That is the only way to become a brilliant attorney.
Like us, you are at your best when you are allowed to be true to yourself.
At Plesner, you will pursue a career in an environment characterised by team spirit, drive and high professional standards. We are ambitious, and we expect each other to perform at a high level. At the same time, we find it important that you are allowed to improve your special talent.
You have great expectations as regards your legal skills. So do we.
Let us be frank: at Plesner, we are ambitious in our work. And we are passionate about our professional standards. But we also listen, provide feedback and act as sparring partners to ensure that the professional framework surrounding you supports the enhancement of your skills in the best possible manner.

You will learn and grow. With us by your side

We know that most assistant attorneys are excited and perhaps a little nervous at first. We therefore prepare ourselves thoroughly to allow you to settle in very quickly.

On your first day, you will be welcomed by your tutor who will show you the ropes and introduce you to your department. During your time as an assistant attorney, your tutor will be responsible for helping you, both in relation to work assignments and in relation to practical issues.

The assistant attorney programme is a learning process
When you take up your position with us, you will be attached to a specific department, partner and tutor who will oversee your professional and personal progress. In the course of your employment, you will be allowed to rotate and get acquainted with several of our practice areas. Our rotation scheme is very flexible, and you can therefore use your time with us to identify the practice area that you find most appealing.

We do not expect you to excel in all legal disciplines on your first day. In fact, we consider your time as an assistant attorney as a trainee period when you will enhance your legal skills and increase your market and commercial understanding. Your first work assignments will be relatively uncomplicated, but as you proceed their complexity will increase. We constantly supervise your learning curve to ensure that you enhance your skills, slowly but surely, and you will always receive guidance to perform your work assignments – regardless of your current level in the programme. When you have passed your bar exam, you will also be able to use your colleagues as sparring partners, as we make use of each other's knowledge to provide value-creating solutions to our clients.

Questions enhance your skills and ours
Use your tutor and your colleagues, ask questions and benefit from their knowledge and experience. We have tailored our assistant attorney programme to allow you to develop your talent in the best possible manner, and you are always welcome to seek assistance from your colleagues. As a newcomer, we expect you to spend more time on work assignments than your more experienced colleagues. That is only natural, and we actually hope that you will spend the time required by you to perform your work assignments. We also take the time to give you feedback to ensure your constant progress. It is therefore in our mutual interest if you set the pace and slow down if you need to.

Do you have any questions? We were hoping that you would


Do you hire graduates as well as experienced lawyers?


We prefer hiring graduates, but we also hire more experienced profiles.

What is the working environment like?


  Relaxed, committed, ambitious and with great differences from one department to another.
How are the terms of salary and employment?   Good and flexible. We will, of course, tell you more at your job interview.

Will I be able to change practice areas?   We have a common interest in allowing you to realise your professional and personal potential. If you want to, you can therefore rotate between our departments and practice areas to try out different legal areas and enhance your legal skills.

How will you plan my assistant attorney programme?  

As an assistant attorney, you will follow Plesner's own ambitious training programme which meets the requirements of the Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatsamfundet). We collaborate with the leading course providers and the most experienced teachers in Denmark. That is your guarantee of high professional training and a modern teaching style to be found nowhere else in Denmark.


What will happen at my job interview?   You will be invited to a job interview where you will be given a brief personality test to be completed and solved at home. The interview will take about one hour, and at the end of the interview you will be informed of the next steps.

How do I improve my skills after I have passed my bar exam?

As an attorney at Plesner, you will be offered to participate in our award-winning leadership programme which will enhance your skills as a leader in a modern business world. You will also be kept updated in the relevant practice areas and your areas of expertise to allow you to provide targeted and professional advice at all times.


How many hours should I expect to work?   We work hard to provide the best possible service to our clients, and therefore you may have to work overtime in some periods. As an assistant attorney or an attorney, your average working week will be 45 hours, but you will find that mutual flexibility is a central element of working at Plesner. In some departments, your work will primarily be project-based, and you will therefore find that working hours in these departments will vary more than in other departments.

Is secondment a possibility?
As an attorney, you may get an opportunity to be seconded to a business enterprise in Denmark or abroad. Most often, secondment will be for a period of six months, but the duration of your secondment will be subject to individual agreement.