Terms of employment

We offer flexible and attractive terms of salary and employment in a working environment characterised by drive, humour and professionalism. We make room for each and every talent, and particularly the development of your potential is essential to your work enjoyment and Plesner's success. Our terms of salary and employment are outlined below, and we will, of course, tell you much more at your job interview.

An attractive salary
We offer an attractive basic salary and a bonus scheme to all our lawyers. As an assistant attorney and as a first and second-year attorney, you will receive a fixed salary with an annual increase, and when you become a third-year attorney, you will be invited to an individual salary review discussion.

Flexible workplace
At Plesner we are flexible in terms of choosing where to work. When you have been employed for 3-6 months, you will be able to plan your week to include working days at Plesner's office, in your home or at some other suitable location. You can also divide your working day between several locations. We make modern office furniture and IT tools available to enable you to make your home office comfortable and stylish.

A good pension plan
We have concluded a pension agreement with Danica Pension under which Plesner will make a monthly pension contribution to your pension plan depending on your length of employment. You will contribute 4% yourself, but you may decide to contribute more.

A safe health insurance policy
You will be covered by a health insurance policy taken out with Danica Pension which will help you if you need treatment in connection with sickness. You will also be entitled to buy insurance cover for your closest relatives and your children.

Our holiday scheme complies with current Danish legislation, and, in addition, all of our employees are entitled to take the day off on 24 December and 31 December. You will always be entitled to paid holiday, but the number of paid holidays will depend on the date of your employment. Please also note that you will be entitled to benefit from our discount agreements concerning travel insurance and hotels in Denmark.

Maternity/paternity/co-parent leave
We offer the same pay conditions for mothers, fathers and co-parents, regardless of length of service. Mothers may start maternity leave four weeks before the expected birth and will receive full pay for up to 24 weeks after the birth. Fathers and co-parents are also entitled to 24 weeks of leave at full pay. After expiry of the leave, you may work reduced hours at full pay for up to three months within the first six months. 

Many other employee benefits
You will benefit from our staff canteen which serves delicious organic breakfast, lunch and fruit every day as well as sandwiches or dinner. We also offer a gross salary scheme under which you may buy DSB travel cards (DSB Erhvervskort). We also offer physiotherapy, dry cleaning, discount schemes, an art society and a wine club, and you will make a monthly contribution of DKK 20 to a kitty paying for presents on the occasion of special birthdays, anniversaries and childbirths.

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