ENLI expands the concept of professionalism

Environmental and climate change presentations can be included in future professional events organised by pharmaceutical companies

The Ethics Committee for the Pharmaceutical Industry (ENLI) Advertising Code, Article 13(1), contains a concept of professionalism which applies to pharmaceutical companies organising professional events for healthcare professionals. According to the concept of professionalism, all elements of professional events must contain pharmaceutical information, or other professional information.

In a new decision by the ENLI Board of Appeal, the concept of professionalism has now been extended to include environmental and climate issues relevant to the health sector.

ENLI has set three conditions for presentations on climate and environmental issues to comply with the concept of professionalism:

  • The main objective of the presentation is to provide health professionals with relevant facts to better understand the impact of climate change on health care
  • No mention of specific medicinal products may be made in connection with the entry
  • The review of environmental aspects must not, directly or indirectly, have the character of, or be perceived as, advertising of medicinal products. 

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