Niam acquires 461 dwellings in Aalborg, Denmark

By two transactions the real estate investment fund Niam has acquired a total of 461 dwellings in Aalborg, Denmark. The two property portfolios were acquired from Sveafastigheter Fund III and North Property Asset Management. Plesner assisted Niam with both transactions.

The two property portfolios consist of 42 flats on the Aalborg waterfront and 419 dwellings in "DaVinci Parken" in an area south of the centre of Aalborg. The 42 waterfront flats have a total dwelling space of about 4,000 sqm and the 419 dwellings in "DaVinci Parken" have a total area of 42,500 sqm.
In connection with the acquisition an agreement was made with the property management company DEAS on the continued management of the entire property portfolio.

Niam has followed the Aalborg property market closely over a long period of time and will be ready to make additional investments in the area.

Read the press release (in Danish) from Niam.

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