The Carlsberg Foundation sells properties worth DKK 1.1bn

The Carlsberg Foundation has sold its limited partnership companies that together own properties worth DKK 1.1bn to three Danish pension funds. Plesner has assisted the Carlsberg Foundation with the transaction.

The Carlsberg Foundation has entered into an agreement to sell all its shares in the limited partnership companies "Ved Boldparken", "Munken", "Haraldsborg", "Søborg Huse", "Høeghsminde Parkbebyggelse" and "C.F. Richsvej".

The limited partnership companies have been bought by the three Danish pension funds "PFA Pension", "Juristernes og Økonomernes Pensionskasse" and "Danske Civil- og Akademiingeniørers Pensionskasse" which each acquires a minority shareholding.

With the sale of the limited partnership companies, the Carlsberg Foundation frees up additional funds to support, among other things, basic scientific research according to its charter.

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