Plata creates peer-to-peer lending platform

Plata ApS has created a peer-to-peer lending platform allowing Danish individuals to lend money to each other.

Plata has created a peer-to-peer lending platform as an alternative to traditional bank loans, consumer loans, payment by credit etc, with Plata acting as a financial intermediary between Danish individuals who can borrow money from each other via the platform.

All loans provided through Plata’s platform are granted on identical terms and conditions, for instance on the same terms of interest and without security. 

In addition to enabling individuals to borrow money on a peer-to-peer level, the platform also offers an alternative for Danish individuals who want to earn a return on their capital using other means than traditional investments.

Plesner advised Plata on complex consumer credit and data protection issues in connection with the setting up of Plata’s peer-to-peer lending platform.

Plesner’s team consisted of Rasmus Mandøe Jensen, Jesper Husmer Vang, Joakim Pitt Winther and Christian Nikolaj Skovfoged Tinggaard.

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