Plesner organises international moot court competition for the fifth time

The spring at Plesner has once again offered an exciting event; an international "Pre-Moot" competition, which is organised as preparation for the "Vis Moot", the world's largest and most prestigious arbitration competition for law students. 10 international teams competed, and the university of Vienna won this year's competition.

A big thank you to all law students who participated in the Plesner Pre-Moot 2023. Everyone showed tremendous commitment and we wish all of you the best of luck for the Vis Moot competition to be held in Vienna during Easter week.

This year's 10 participating teams came from Liège (Belgium), Aarhus (Denmark), Pavia (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom), Bern (Switzerland), Hamburg (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Lausanne (Switzerland) and Passau (Germany). 

Plesner brought to the stands some of the best practitioners from Denmark and other European countries to act as arbitrators. We thank them for their hard work as arbitrators, which helped the students to finalise their legal arguments before the main competition in Vienna.

University of Vienna wins the Plesner Pre-Moot 2023

After an exciting final, the students from Vienna won the Plesner Pre-Moot. The top-three ranking was as follows:

  1. University of Vienna (Austria)
  2. University of Hamburg (Germany)
  3. University of Aarhus (Denmark)

A personalised award was also given to the best oralist of the year. Congratulations to the winner: Derek Heath from the university of Lausanne.

Vis Moot

Willem C. The Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot ("Vis Moot") is the largest and most prestigious arbitration competition for international law students. It takes place every year in Vienna and will be organised for the 30th time in 2023. This year, the case revolves around the purchase and sale of drones.

The Vis Moot competition plays an important role in developing the litigators and arbitrators of the future. At the same time, it contributes to strengthening links between practitioners in the field of international dispute resolution.

Plesner wants to actively participate in this development and to invest in future generations. Therefore, Plesner has again this year organised a Pre-Moot, and a team of lawyers from Plesner is supervising the Vis Moot team from the University of Copenhagen.

Plesner is looking forward to welcoming a new Pre-Moot in 2024.

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