Everything you need to know about the GDPR - in one day

On Wednesday, 14 September 2022, Plesner will be hosting a one-day data protection course. Please note that the course will be held in Danish.

On this one-day course Plesner's Data Protection Team will give you a thorough introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), including the objectives behind the provisions and the principles of data protection law, while emphasising the most important parts. The course will focus on practical compliance with the rules of the Regulation and on how to become transparent and accountable.

On this one-day course, you will learn about the GDPR, and you will be able to work with the rules in practice - whether you work as a data controller or as a data processor. Furthermore, the course will focus on the most pivotal case law and its practical implications for your daily work with data protection. 

The course is addressed to everyone who works with data protection issues and the rules within data protection law.


Breakfast and registration

Welcome and presentation of the programme of the day

A short introduction to the background and the objectives of the GDPR

  • The underlying and leading objectives of the GDPR, including how the objectives impact understanding and application of the provisions of the Regulation.

Overview of the GDPR

  • An overview of the GDPR, including an overview of the chapters of the Regulation and the parts which will be included during the course.

The introductory provisions and the fundamental principles

  • The scope of the GDPR, selected definitions, and categories of personal data. We will also look at the fundamental principles of the Regulation.

Legal basis for processing

  • Legal basis for processing according to the GDPR and the Danish Data Protection Act.

The rights of the data subjects

  • Introduction to the rights of data subjects and how to comply with the requirements in practice.

Data Processing Agreements, including Plesner's model agreement and third country transfers

  • Introduction of the terms data controller/data processor. The requirements to data processing agreements and the data controller's supervision of the data processor. Furthermore, key elements in relation to third country transfers and the question of how to handle common problems in relation to third country transfers.

Data security and data breach

  • The scope of data privacy and how to define "appropriate data privacy" in relation to a processing activity. Furthermore, the term data breach and how to handle such breach will be addressed.

Risk analysis and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

  • Examination of risk assessment and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and when to perform risk assessment and DPIA respectively, and a description of the requirements to risk assessment and DPIA respectively.

The DPO role

  • When must a DPO be appointed, and what are the requirements to a DPO, including in terms of qualifications and duties in relation to the DPO role?

Documentation, accountability, and sanctions

  • Documentation requirements, the scope of the term accountability and the sanctions that might be triggered by a breach of the GDPR.


If you want to sign up for the seminar please visit our Danish website

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