Martin Anton Svarrer

Attorney-at-Law, Partner

Martin Anton Svarrer is a partner in our Corporate Finance Team and primarily advises clients on the acquisition and sale of companies and large investments in companies.

Martin has extensive experience as a legal advisor to Danish as well as foreign private equity funds and large companies in connection with M&A transactions in Denmark. 

Martin has also advised founders/business owners on the sale of their companies or large capital raisings. 


  • Reconor – Agilitas' sale of Reconor to Basalt Infrastructure Partners
  • Oona Health (Forsikringsselskabet Dansk Sundhedssikring) – AnaCap's sale of Oona Health A/S to Topdanmark
  • Tree Tops – Kingspan's acquisition of Treetops 
  • Obsidian – Capidea and the founders' sale of Obsidian Group to Findos
  • NNIT A/S – Agilitas' acquisition of NNIT's IT Infrastructure Outsourcing business from NNIT A/S
  • A&O Ansvar och Omsorg– Forenade Care's acquisition of A&O Ansvar och Omsorg AB
  • Ræbel ApS – Sale of Ræbel ApS to Royal Unibrew A/S
  • Cookie Information A/S – Kirk Kapital A/S' purchase of a minority stake in Cookie Information A/S 
  • Troldtekt A/S – Kingspan's acquisition of Troldtekt A/S
  • Broen-Lab A/S – Capidea's sale of Broen-Lab to LI Enterprise Group 
  • Obsidian add-ons - Obsidian's acquisition of Heymedia ApS, Black Lemon, etc  
  • Bravo Tours A/S – Solbjarg ehf's sale of Bravo Tours A/S to BB Leisure Invest ApS
  • Dancover A/S – Capidea's acquisition of Dancover A/S 
  • LOGSTOR A/S – Kingspan's acquisition of LOGSTOR A/S from Triton Partners and Nordea AB
  • MAKI A/S – Capidea's acquisition of MAKI A/S
  • SER Hegn A/S – Heras' acquisition of SER Hegn
  • Sirap Gema S.p.a. – Faerch Plast's acquisition of Sirap Gema S.p.a.
  • Trendsales ApS – Tamedia AG's sale of Trendsales ApS (88%)
  • Flexoprint AS – Capidea's sale of Flexoprint to Optimum Group
  • APC Forsikringsmæglere – The founder's sale of 49.9% of APC Forsikringsmæglere to Soderberg & Partners
  • Teracom A/S – Aglitas' acquisition of Teracom A/S
  • Dantaxi 4x48 – Sale of Dantaxi 4x48 to Triton
  • Flexoprint A/S – Capidea's acquisition of Flexoprint A/S
  • Danske Commodities – Equinor's acquisition of Danske Commodities
  • Spiir A/S – Danske Bank's investment in Spiir A/S (Nordic API)
  • Templafy ApS – Several rounds of investments
  • Budweg Caliper A/S – Capidea's acquisition of Budweg Caliper A/S
  • Danoffice IT ApS – Agilitas' acquisition of Danoffice IT ApS
  • RanTek A/S – NetNordic AS' acquisition of RanTek A/S
  • Holiday Group Invest A/S – Capidea's acquisition of Holiday Group Invest A/S
  • SundhedsGruppen A/S – AnaCap Financial Partners LLP's acquisition of SundhedsGruppen A/S (Dansk Sundhedssikring)
  • Jens Schirmer – Gant Sweden Ab's acquisition of Jens Schirmer
  • T.A.P. ApS – Capidea and Orifarm's acquisition of T.A.P. ApS (Wellvita og Mezina)
  • A-2 A/S – Partners' sale of A-2 A/S to First Chair Group
  • Trendsales/Tradono – Trendsales' merger with Tradono
  • K-Salat – Orkla's sale of K-salat (assets) to Stryhns
  • Aclass – Capidea's sale of Aclass to Maj Invest
  • Union Engineering A/S – Capidea's sale of Union Engineering A/S
  • Connected Wind Services – EnBW's acquisition of Connected Wind Services
  • Klokkerholm Karosseridele – Capidea's sale of Klokkerholm Karosseridele
  • Guldager – The Guldager family's sale of Guldager to Capidea
  • APC Forsikringsmæglere A/S – Founder's acquisition of a share from Aon
  • Outrup Vinduer & Døre – Founder's sale of Outrup Vinduer & Døre
  • Tican – Tonnies' acquisition of Tican
  • Skandia – Skandia's sale of two portfolios to Norli Pension
  • Scandinavian Amenities – ADA Cosmetics' acquisition of Scandinavian Amenities
  • Miitors – Apator Powogaz' acquisition of Miitors
  • EET Europarts – Alipes' sale of EET Europarts to FSN
  • Sanovo Greenpack – Brd. Hartman's acquisition of Sanovo Greenpack (Brazil and Argentina)
  • Comendo – Comendo A/S' sale of Comendo to j2
  • Scandinavian Brake Systems – FTE's acquisition of brake caliper division from SBS
  • Louis Poulsen Lighting – Targetti Sankey's sale of Louis Poulsen Ligthing to Polaris
  • API Maintenance Systems – Capidea's acquisition of API Pro (API Maintenance Systems)
  • Skagen Watches – Founder's sale of Skagen Watches
  • Wind farms – European Wind Investment's acquisition of a number of wind farms



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