Michala Kragmann

Attorney-at-Law, Director

Michala Kragmann is a director in our IP Law and Life Science team.

Michala primarily advises on trademarks, copyrights, design rights and counterfeited products. Michala provides advice to and conduct cases on behalf of large Danish and foreign clients, including by means of preliminary injunctions and preservation of evidence. Michala also assists clients with portfolio work regarding trademarks and designs and has been involved in several M&A transactions with IP rights as the focal point.

In addition, Michala advises clients on regulatory practice in relation to medicinal products and medical devices. Such advice covers issues relating to sale and marketing, the relationship between health professionals and pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and parallel import of medicinal products and medical devices.

Michala is author of the book "Product Imitation Case Law" and a member of the MARQUES IP Emerging Issues Team.

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