Are you looking for answers to specific legal questions or for general legal feedback for your construction project? Now you can get help via your own Plesner Construction Hotline. A dedicated team of Plesner lawyers will familiarise themselves with your construction project and will then be ready to answer your questions. Any problems will be identified before they grow into conflicts, ensuring a smooth construction process.

As part of the construction process you will often encounter legal issues. To ensure that the stakeholders in the process get proper feedback and speedy advice, Plesner has launched Plesner Construction Hotline. The hotline can be used by owners as well as contractors and as a supplement to in-house legal staff.

Dedicated team

To learn more about how to get a Plesner Construction Hotline for your project, please contact one of the persons listed to the right. Based on an introductory discussion and alignment of expectations, we will set up a team dedicated to your construction project which you and your employees will be able to contact directly when necessary. 

No start-up costs

The team will familiarise themselves with the contractual basis of the construction project at no charge and will consequently be able to provide speedy and precise advice and feedback when you need it. You only pay when the hotline is used.

Advantages of Plesner Construction Hotline

Plesner Construction Hotline will be able to provide assistance with respect to all relevant subjects that may come up during the construction process, including calls for tenders, drawing up contracts, insurance and authorities, delays and extra works, construction processes, early handover, handover protocol, final account, 1-year and 5-year inspections, etc.

Thanks to our long-standing involvement in construction projects we have learned that if you have fundamental knowledge of the contractual basis:

  • 80% of all questions can be solved by guidance/advice over the telephone in less than 15 minutes;
  • 15% of all questions can be solved by a follow-up email, and 
  • 5% of all questions can be solved by further advice/follow-up.

So experience suggests most of your questions can be resolved quickly and efficiently in less than 15 minutes. 

By contacting the hotline you also ensure that any issues are identified before they grow into conflicts – and if a conflict should arise anyway, you will be in a better position if Plesner's team of lawyers are already familiar with your project. 

As part of the Plesner Construction Hotline, standard documents for practical use in the construction process will be made available to make it easier to handle the process. The documents include minutes of construction meetings, a template for notice of liquidated damages and a letter of reply in case of contractors' extra requirements, etc.

Contact us

If you wish to set up your own Plesner Construction Hotline or learn more, please contact us for an informal talk about your project.

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