Plesner is very experienced in carrying out internal legal investigations. We regularly carry out thorough investigations of unusual events experienced by companies. Based on our experience and our specialist knowledge of all practice areas, we are able to offer impartial, objective and thorough investigations.

It is not unusual for a company to suspect that it has been the target of or that it has been involved in serious irregularities and as a consequence needs to be examined more closely. The issue could be various things. In some situations, the suspicion could be that the company has been the subject of an acquisitive offence and in other situations the company could have been the subject of industrial espionage or cybercrime. Or the company itself could have been involved in violations of criminal law or other unethical conduct.

When it becomes necessary to carry out an internal investigation it will often be uncertain whether the company's own employees and perhaps also executives have been involved in such irregularities.

It is difficult to assess whether the company itself is to be investigated or whether a legal investigation is the most appropriate way forward. Plesner provides advice on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of investigations and in connection with the investigation we make sure that it is carried out efficiently, thoroughly and satisfactorily.

Plesner's knowledge of the use of legal investigations covers interviews and scrutiny of extensive material, ensuring that the HR and personal data challenges are properly handled. We also collaborate closely with other external experts such as auditors and other forensic experts.

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