In recent years, national as well as international authorities have increasingly focused on enforcing regulation in a large number of areas, including capital market law (for example securities trading, market abuse, insider trading, price manipulation, etc.), anti-corruption and anti-money laundering.

Due to the intensified focus on law enforcement undertakings must be prepared to tackle the procedural aspects of a criminal investigation. One such focus area is the potential situation where an undertaking is the subject of search and seizure by the police. 

Plesner assists undertakings in handling announced as well as unannounced visits by the police, including the Special Crime Unit (formerly the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime). In that context Plesner has prepared a search manual (in Danish) with detailed guidelines on how undertakings should act before, during and after a search/seizure.

If a dawn raid relates to competition law issues, our EU and Competition Law specialists will be assisting in the process.

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