When the Self-Government came into force in 2009, a number of important areas of the law, including mineral resources, have been assigned to the Greenlandic authorities. However, Greenland continues to form part of the Unity of the Realm and consequently parts of the legislation relating to Greenland continue to be laid down by the Danish authorities.

We know the Greenlandic legislative, regulatory and legal systems and we also have connections to the Greenlandic authorities and attorneys.

Our advice on projects in or with relations to Greenland includes both Greenlandic and Danish-Greenlandic matters.

For example we have advised a leading energy company about drilling licenses in Greenland and we have also advised on projects in respect of sea traffic and aviation in Greenland.


  • Plesner's Copenhagen-based desk is notably active in the development, construction and financing of infrastructure projects in Greenland, including public procurement law matters. Esben Kjær, Frants Dalgaard-Knudsen and Niklas Korsgaard Christensen are the key contacts for this desk (2022+2023)

  • Copenhagen-based outfit with an extensive presence in the Greenlandic market. Notably active in the development, construction and finance of infrastructure projects, including public law elements. Also well versed in regulatory issues relating to the shipping and energy and natural resources industries. Frants Dalgaard-Knudsen is the primary contact for this desk (2020+2021)

  • Plesner's Greenland desk comprises four lawyers who regularly advise on Greenlandic and Danish-Greenlandic matters. The team recently advised an energy company on the acquisition of drilling licences in Greenland, and regularly publishes advice on working in Greenland (2015)

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