We advise a large number of actors in the food industry on everything from the production, distribution, marketing, sale and purchase of foods (and food equipment) to the running of restaurant and catering businesses. We focus on providing value-creating advice and competent feedback, legally as well as commercially.

We are familiar with the complex and extensive special legislation governing the industry. For example, we help food companies:

  • navigating in the extensive set of special rules that must be observed in connection with the marketing of foods, including with regard to the use of nutrition and health claims and marketing on social media, and
  • entering into all types of contracts and agreements in the field, such as development and supplier contracts, terms of sale and delivery, salary contracts and production agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, private label agreements, franchise agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

We have a strong network in the industry and we are always updated on your opportunities and challenges.

Our team consists of experienced lawyers specialised in a wide range of legal fields, which enables us to assist with all types of cases. Our expertise includes the following:

  • General and food-specific marketing on all platforms
  • Regulatory requirements and permissions in connection with the production and sale of foods and food equipment
  • Packaging and labelling of foods
  • Product liability and actions for damages
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Enforcement and protection of IP rights
  • Investments and businesses transfers
  • Competition and public procurement law
  • Taxes and duties

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