Our advisory services cover all legal aspects of IT and telecommunications, our primary aim being that our assistance is useful and applicable in the specific situations our clients are in.

Based on our detailed industry knowledge and many years of experience of IT and telecommunications, we are able to provide unique and value-creating advisory services and act as a sounding board for businesses in legal and commercial contexts.

Data protection and data security represent an increasingly larger share of advisory services in relation to IT, and Plesner’s specialists in IT contract law work closely together with Plesner’s specialists in data protection law and security & compliance. As a very special feature, Plesner offers tailor-made integrated advisory services that not only comprise traditional legal advice, but also matters related to data protection law and security.

Our team is made up of highly experienced attorneys who are specialists in all relevant legal areas of IT and telecommunications, and we are therefore in a position to lend assistance in matters of all types. Our advisory services focus on both contract formation and disputes, etc.  We pursue a strategy of utilising our knowledge for dispute resolution in connection with the agreements we conclude with a view to ensuring agreements that put our clients in the best possible situation in practice.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Outsourcing of operations, maintenance and/or development of IT systems
  • All types of IT agreements, including agreements on IT development, software licences, system implementation and IT solution maintenance
  • Agreements and integrated advisory services on cloud computing services, including in relation to data protection law aspects and security controls
  • Licence management, including licence audit advisory services
  • Security & compliance
  • All data protection law aspects of the application of IT solutions
  • Regulatory matters regarding the establishment and running of a telecommunications business in Denmark
  • Wholesale agreements between telecommunications businesses on the use of telecommunications connections and operation and maintenance of telecommunications connections etc
  • Telecommunications agreements between telecommunications businesses and major clients
  • Acquisition of licences for mobile network operation
  • Competition and public procurement law in relation to IT and telecommunications agreements
  • Investments in and M&As regarding IT and telecommunications businesses

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