For many years, we have been focusing on advising businesses in various professions and have acquired a high degree of detailed knowledge and industry experience. This is especially true of audit firms, consulting engineers, architect firms, law firms and medical clinics/private hospitals.

Our advisory services rendered to audit firms cover all aspects of their needs for legal assistance, including mergers of audit firms, all forms of regulatory issues, legal representation in actions for damages – including a number of very large-scale cases as offshoots of the "financial crisis" – representation in accounting practices board cases and criminal proceedings.

On an ongoing basis, we advise a wide range of Danish engineering firms and architect firms and regularly handle a large number of lawsuits and arbitration proceedings involving consultants’ liability, including a series of the biggest cases in Danish history, which often call for detailed technical insight and experience of handling exceptionally large-scale cases. Plesner is often the first choice among companies offering professional indemnity insurance to engineering firms and architect firms.

We regularly advise Danish private hospitals on all legal matters and have acquired specialist competences in mergers and acquisitions of medical clinics.

Other law firms often approach us, for example for assistance in cases involving professional indemnity, disciplinary board cases and cases involving matters related to partnership law.


  • Ernst & Young - assistance in connection with EY's admission of former partners from KPMG Danmark and drafting of the related agreements
  • DR Byen - provision of assistance to a technical advisor in connection with extensive arbitration proceedings instituted by DR (the Danish Broadcasting Association) relating to the construction of DR Byen, the headquarters of DR
  • The Royal Library - provision of assistance to the consulting engineer in a dispute about the "Black Diamond", the Royal Library prestige building project
  • VAT carousel fraud - the Supreme Court found in favour of the defendant in an action for damages of general public importance instituted by the Danish Ministry of Taxation against the management of a company that had been used by a trusted employee for participation in fraud-related trading
  • Privathospitalet Hamlet - Aleris AB's acquisition of Privathospitalet Hamlet
  • Rambøll A/S - CHP plant - award in arbitration proceedings allowing the client’s claim in relation to planning and design errors in cooling system in connection with the establishment of a combined heat and power plant, on the grounds that the defects identified fell within the employer’s liability (reported in KFE 2005.34)
  • NIRAS A/S - floor design – award in favour of the client in arbitration proceedings instituted by the employer claiming in excess of DKK 100 million in respect of floor design, as a result of lack of causal link (reported in KFE 2010.1)
  • NIRAS A/S - Ørestad - award in favour of the client in arbitration proceedings involving consultants’ professional liability for developing a property in the Ørestad area 
  • Kant Arkitekter A/S - planning and design errors - award in favour of the client in arbitration proceedings already as a result of a late complaint and time-barring regarding a claim for damages for alleged planning and design errors and inadequate supervision (reported in KFE 2007.299)
  • Ernst & Young - successful before the Danish Supreme Court in that damages paid in asset-stripping lawsuits can be deductible as an operating expense
  • Holdingselskabet af 1.7 1988 A/S under konkurs (in bankruptcy) - successful before both the Danish High Court and the Danish Supreme Court in that, among other things, the conduct of an attorney who had been on the board of directors of the bankrupt company had been actionable in connection with the sale of a professional soccer club at a reduced price. The Danish Supreme Court fixed the damages to be DKK 10 million

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