Article in the journal "Advokaten", no. 6, 2006: "Having a foot in both camps"

The journal "Advokaten", No. 6, brings the article "Having a foot in both camps" by Pia Møller. The title refers to Anders Strandet Jepsen who is an assistant attorney with Plesner and is receiving a rather unconventional education: While working as an assistant attorney with Plesner he is doing a PhD - a combination which fully meets his wish to supplement research with the provision of specific advice.

The subject of Anders Strandet Jepsen's PhD is "VAT and financial services" and belongs under the Industrial PhD Initiative which has been under the auspices of and supported financially by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation since 2002.

Partner and head of the practice area "Taxes and Duties", Hans Severin Hansen, and junior partner Tom Kári Kristjánsson are supervising Anders and admit that Plesner has to fulfil heavy demands to be approved for the initiative. Both do, however, regard the PhD a well-considered long-term investment. Only very limited scientific literature is available in the area of VAT and it is not easy to recruit well-qualified lawyers having this subject as a speciality. "This education offers significant advantages - both to Plesner, to Anders Strandet Jepsen and to our clients", says Hans Severin Hansen.