Use of IT in litigation and arbitration in Denmark

The American Lawyer is a monthly magazine with a global readership running into six figures. Attorney-at-Law and Plesner Partner Frants Dalgaard-Knudsen has published an article about the use of IT solutions in Danish litigation and arbitration increasing efficiency, availability and the quality and reducing the costs for all parties.

The article "Expedient efficiency and cost reductions via IT" aimed at foreign readers describes recent personal experiences and what new IT solutions in practice mean to litigation and arbitration in Denmark.

It is emphasised in the article that digital and searchable documents, sound recordings and transcripts, video examinations of witnesses via Skype, the use of iPads in the court room and computer-generated supporting exhibits etc have resulted in improved possibilities in different parts of the legal process. Frants Dalgaard-Knudsen writes that technology makes it necessary for any good lawyer to be at the forefront to bridge traditional legal thinking and the new challenges faced in connection with IT-based evidence and communications with the court.

The article has been published in Global Disputes Guide October 2015 distributed together with The American Lawyer.

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