How to get a grip on cloud computing

The Association of Danish IT Attorneys and Dansk IT (a Danish IT association) publish the second edition of the cloud computing guidelines. The guidelines contain good advice on legal, commercial and technical issues in cloud computing contracts. Certified IT Attorney Niels Chr. Ellegaard from Plesner is the Association of Danish IT Attorneys' representative in the group of authors.

Cloud computing is a much discussed topic among most businesses and IT providers in Denmark and abroad. But many are hesitant about cloud computing and find it difficult to assess the consequences of using cloud computing solutions in their business.

The object of the guidelines "Cloud Computing kontrakter" is to provide good advice and recommendations. First and foremost the guidelines are targeted at those who are to enter into and use cloud solution contracts and the guidelines are written so that they can be read and used by both lawyers and non-lawyers.

What is special about cloud computing is that it is difficult to separate the legal, commercial and technical issues. Whether a specific cloud solution is the right choice for the customer depends on not just a technical assessment of the cloud solution but also on the legal, financial and strategic issues. The guidelines do not make any decision on whether cloud computing is a good or poor solution for the customer compared to the alternative options. The guidelines are a check list ensuring that the users ask the right questions and make the right deliberations.

The guidelines were first published in September 2014 and the second edition contains updates and new chapters in respect of for instance amendments to the Danish Bookkeeping Act and to Danish data protection law and the future Data Protection Regulation must also be taken into consideration. The new updated guidelines also have a new chapter about contract management and the security chapter has been elaborated on.

The key author of the guidelines, Certified IT Attorney Niels Chr. Ellegaard from Plesner, is one of Denmark's leading experts in the area and he advises on all aspects of the process of entering into cloud computing contracts.

The Danish guidelines "Cloud Computing kontrakter" can be read here

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