Advice on the new data protection rules

The EU has set the final date for the coming into force of the Data Protection Regulation. The two-year implementation period means that Danish businesses and authorities will have until 25 May 2018 to cross the finishing line and comply with the many new and stricter data protection rules. Plesner advises on how best to tackle the task.

The Data Protection Regulation has a very wide scope and will have a major impact on Danish businesses and authorities. Plesner continues to advise that you make haste slowly: address the task immediately so that the Regulation may be implemented at a gentle pace over the next two years. The first step should be to get an overall idea of the personal data in the organisation's possession and that it is to protect.

In the nature of things, the implementation work will be very individual for the various businesses and authorities. However, from the first projects relating to the Regulation Plesner can already now see that many data processors have significantly more personal data than they believed at first and that such personal data are used extensively.


It will take much work to comply with the Regulation. Plesner's Data Protection team provides advice on how businesses and organisations should approach the task step by step.

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