The Danish Government's Growth Team for Life Science presents 17 recommendations

The Danish Government's Growth Team has just presented its recommendations for how to strengthen Denmark's international position within Life Science. This happened at a press conference with the participation of the chair of the Growth Team, Kåre Schultz and the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen.

The translated recommendations are:
  1. Denmark should allocate more resources to and target the public research as well as increase the private research, which form the basis of innovation within Danish Life Science. At the same time, the education of highly qualified researchers for the private and the public sector should be reinforced.

  2. The coordination of clinical research in Denmark should be gathered in one unifying place under the existing NEXT cooperation which should be expanded into a national organisation covering all clinical areas. The new NEXT 2.0 is anchored between state, regions and companies, and the possibilities of clinical research at the hospitals are enhanced.

  3. Efforts to create the framework for a transparent and trusting public-private cooperation between healthcare sector and companies should be enhanced.

  4. It should be possible to use IT and health data in a secure manner in order to develop and research in new and innovative forms of treatment and to contribute to a better, more secure and coherent healthcare sector.

  5. The Danish Medicines Agency should be reinforced to be one of the top medicines agencies in Europe.

  6. There should be more notified bodies (bodies that certify medical devices) in Denmark with the relevant top quality capacity to meet demands.

  7. Denmark should be a pioneering country within personal health technology.

  8. The Danish education system should be organised so it can, to a higher degree, deliver world-class employees with the right skills for the entire value chain within the Danish Life Science industry.

  9. Danish Life Science is global - and the conditions for attracting and keeping international talents and qualified labour should be at the European top.

  10. Denmark should increase the focus on entrepreneurship and innovation within the Life Science research and education environments as well as improve the conditions for this.

  11. Denmark should pave the way for more Life Science companies through better access to early financing.

  12. Opportunities for attracting investments for Danish Life Science companies should be enhanced.

  13. The tax incentives for research-intensive companies and for investors should be improved.

  14. In Denmark Life Science companies should have a favorable framework for manufacturing with research and development as a basis.

  15. Continuous work has to be done to support a flexible, stable, rational and innovation-boosting home market that can work as an international show window.

  16. A national exporting strategy for Life Science should be prepared and this should be supported by new earmarked funds for export-promoting activities with the aim that the export of Danish Life Science solutions should be doubled towards 2025. Moreover, an action plan should be prepared to form the basis of increased targeted efforts to attract foreign investments to the Danish Life Science group.

  17. A growth plan for Life Science should be prepared based on the Growth Team's recommendations and a permanent Life Science office referring to the Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs should be established.

You may find a link to the entire report here (in Danish).

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