Franchising in Denmark

The regulation of franchising as a business concept differs significantly from country to country. In the new and fourth edition of the international publication "The Franchise Law Review", Attorney-at-Law, Partner Jacob Ørskov Rasmussen looks into franchising conditions in Denmark.

There is no legislation which specifically governs franchising in Denmark and franchise agreements are therefore governed by the general rules of Danish law. This means, for example, that the Danish Contracts Act and the general principles of contract law apply to franchise agreements.

Franchise agreements may, however, be regulated by various mandatory Danish rules such as the Competition Act, the Marketing Practices Act, the Business Lease Act, the Product Liability Act, the Sale of Goods Act, the Act on the Processing of Personal Data etc. that may restrict the parties' room for manoeuvre.

In recent years, Plesner has acquired extensive expertise in franchising and has been involved in a number of cases concerning the setting up of new franchising concepts in Denmark. Crucial questions regarding franchising under Danish law are addressed in the Danish chapter of "The Franchise Law Review".

Read the chapter about Denmark in "The Franchise Law Review"

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