Book: Danish Act on Temporary Agency Work poses challenges

The rules applying to temporary agency workers employed by temporary-work agencies give rise to several problems. That is the subject of a book reviewed in the Danish weekly law reports (Danish: Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen) written by Attorney-at-Law, PhD Jacob Falsner, who is an expert in labour and employment law.

The title of the book is "Den europæiserede vikar. Arbejdsretlige problemstillinger vedrørende vikarer - for brugervirksomheder, vikarbureauer og vikarer" (in English: the Europeanised temp. Labour law issues relating to temporary agency workers - for user undertakings, temporary-work agencies and temporary agency workers ) and is a slightly adapted version of Jacob's PhD thesis published in the spring of 2016.

The focal point of the book and of Jacob's research is the Danish Act on Temporary Agency Work that came into force in the summer of 2013 and which implemented the EU Directive on temporary agency work.

The book deals with the complex legal issues that may arise in the three-party relation between the user undertaking, the temporary-work agency and the temporary agency worker, and the overall objective is to analyse and evaluate the importance of the implementation into Danish law of the Directive on temporary agency work as far as Danish employment and labour law is concerned.

Read the review of the book in Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen (in Danish)

Read more about the book on the publisher's website (in Danish)

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