The EU Commission's implementation plan for the new regulations on medical devices

In connection with the implementation of the two new regulations on medical devices ((EU) 2017/745) and in-vitro diagnostic medical devices ((EU) 2017/746), which come into force in 2020 and 2022 respectively, the EU Commission has published an implementation plan.

Click here to see the EU-regulation on medical devices: ((EU) 2017/745) and the EU-regulation on in-vitro diagnostic medical devices: ((EU) 2017/746).

The implementation plan is updated every quarter. See the latest version of the implementation plan here

The EU Commission has also published a series of factsheets on the regulations, which can be downloaded here

For further details on the expected initiatives of the EU Commission and the national competent authorities in the period until the new regulations come into force, we refer to the MDR/IVDR Roadmap prepared by the Commission together with "the Competent Authorities for Medical Devices project" (CAMD).
You can get the Roadmap here

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