The Danish Medicines Agency launches new quick-guide on HCP relationships with companies

The Danish Medicines Agency has prepared a new digital quick-guide with the aim of helping HCPs navigate and comply with the rules on relationships with companies.

The guide will help HCPs ensure that they apply for permission and file notifications regarding their relationship with pharmaceutical and medical device companies correctly; that they apply for permission and file notifications when required; and that these applications and notification have the required content.

By providing more transparency about such relationships, the notification duty and the obligation to apply for permission as set out in the rules on HCP relationships helps promote confidence in that HCPs affiliated with the industry is not being influenced by subjective interests in their professional duties.

The guide was prepared after random checks last year showed that more than a third did not comply with the rules, and it is based on an assessment of the framework for the cooperation between HCPs and companies.

The new quick guide comprises a number of multiple choice questions, which the user can opt for depending on the type of specific HCP, pharmaceutical company and relationship in question. Based on the replies, the guide shows whether to apply for permission regarding the relationship with the company, or whether to notify the Danish Medicines Agency about the relationship, and finally, what elements such an application/notification then must comprise.

The quick-guide provides a useful indication of how the Danish Medicines Agency probably would qualify a specific relationship. However, it may, obviously, be necessary to make an independent and specific assessment.

You can find the new quick-guide here (in Danish).

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