Revision of the ENLI's Codes of Conduct

ENLI has made amendments to its codes of conduct as a consequence of EFPIA's consolidation of its three codices (the EFPIA HCP Code, the EFPIA PO Code and the EFPIA Disclosure Code).

EFPIA's consolidation of codices results in changes to the following ENLI codes of conduct:

  • Cooperation Agreement (and cancellation of the Ethical Rules for Pharmaceutical Companies' Relations with the Danish Hospital Sector)
  • The Promotion Code
  • The Donation Code
  • The Patient Organization Code
  • Penalties and Fees Regulations

The revised codes of conduct apply from 1 January 2020. ENLI is also working on an update of the associated guidelines which will be published on ENLI's website in January 2020.

ENLI's steering committee, which has examined EFPIS's consolidations, notes that the changes to the above ENLI codes of conduct will not imply major changes to general practice as most changes will reflect the current practice.   

For further information on the specific changes to ENLI's codes of conduct, please see ENLI's newsletter of 18 December 2019 (in Danish).

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