The first pan-Scandinavian tender for delivery of medicinal products has been completed

In co-operation with its Norwegian counterpart, Amgros has now completed the first pan-Scandinavian tender for the delivery of medicinal products.

The pan-Scandinavian tender involves agreements with nine pharmaceutical companies for delivery of a total of eight medicinal products. The tender is the result of an agreement on pan-Scandinavian procurement of medicine for public hospitals from September 2018 between Amgros and its counterparts in Norway and Iceland, which resulted in the publication of the first pan-Scandinavian tender in April 2019. The purpose of pan-Scandinavian tenders is to make the market for medicinal products in Denmark, Iceland and Norway more attractive to suppliers of medicinal products for public hospitals and to strengthen the negotiation position of the procurement organisations.

In consultation with the other Scandinavian procurement organisations, Amgros will evaluate the tender and decide, based on the evaluation, whether there will be more pan-Scandinavian tenders. 

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