Get your own Plesner Construction Hotline

Are you looking for answers to specific legal questions or for general legal feedback for your construction project? Now you can get help via your own Plesner Construction Hotline. A dedicated team of Plesner lawyers will familiarise themselves with your construction project and will then be ready to answer your questions. Any problems will be identified before they grow into conflicts, ensuring a smooth construction process.

As part of the construction process you will often encounter legal issues. To ensure that the stakeholders in the process get proper feedback and speedy advice, Plesner has launched Plesner Construction Hotline. The hotline can be used by owners as well as contractors and as a supplement to in-house legal staff.

Plesner Construction Hotline will be able to provide assistance with respect to all relevant subjects that may come up during the construction process, including calls for tenders, drawing up contracts, insurance and authorities, delays and extra works, construction processes, early handover, handover protocol, final account, 1-year and 5-year inspections, etc.

Be prepared - get a Plesner Construction Hotline before legal problems arise. Read more about the advantages of setting up a hotline at Plesner Construction Hotline

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