The Danish Ports Act should be amended

An up-to-date Ports Act is crucial in order for Danish ports to be able to operate optimally as infrastructure hubs in competitive maritime and overland transport. If the Danish Ports Act is still to be a good framework for the organisation and operation of ports, a number of adjustments are required. This is the conclusion reached by Niklas Korsgaard, Attorney-at-Law and Plesner Partner, who has just published a feature article about the subject.

Several ports have become infrastructure centres and also industries are moving to ports in order to benefit from the advantages of being closer to maritime transport. The Danish Ports Act should not prevent ports from developing into actual transport centres where multifarious services can be offered to the users of the ports. The current Danish Ports Act has introduced various restrictions on such development, writes Niklas Korsgaard Christensen in his feature article that has been published on the Danish website

Click here to read the entire feature article (in Danish) "Tid til en ny havnelov"

Niklas Korsgaard Christensen regularly advises Danish ports and parties operating in the area and his book "Havneloven med kommentarer" (in English: the annotated Danish Ports Act) has just been published by the Danish publishing house DJØF.

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