The Danish Regions and Lif have concluded the final agreement on supplementary training of healthcare professionals

The Central Denmark Region and Lif have entered into a new agreement, which means that all of Den-mark's five regions have now entered into agreements with Lif stipulating the principles on the supple-mentary training and skill-raising of healthcare professionals at the regions' hospitals.

The fundamental principles and content of the agreement are in line with the agreements between Lif and the other regions. However, the new agreement differs in some respects:

  • The agreement covers all the employees of the Central Denmark Region and not just the healthcare professionals.
  • A number of "minor" supplementary training events; e.g. short "after-work meetings", no longer have to be approved by the management. The Ethical Committee for the Pharmaceutical Industry (ENLI) in Denmark will explain this triviality limit in an upcoming FAQ.
  • Pursuant to the agreement, the healthcare professional's participation in an advisory board must be approved by the hospital management and not by the head of a division as in the other agreements.

The new agreement is carried out within the framework of the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry's ethical rules and, therefore, ENLI can impose sanctions and will supervise the industries' compliance with the agreement.

The agreement entered into force on 1 September 2019 and can be read here (in Danish). You can read the remaining agreements here (in Danish).

Read Plesner's previous article on the framework agreement between Region Zealand and Lif here.

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