Kohberg owners invest in the food business SEiMEi

Koff A/S, the parent company behind Kohberg Bakery Group A/S among others, has entered into a partnership with the entrepreneur Allan Feldt in respect of the food business SEiMEi. Plesner has assisted Koff A/S with the investment in SEiMEi.

SEiMEi is located in Nakskov, Lolland, Denmark and makes local Danish food products. In particular the company is known for making whole grain juice and other new juice products.

The partnership with Koff A/S is to contribute to reaching SEiMEi's objective of developing the business and generating a turnover running into billions in the market for healthy drinks in the years to come. The man behind SEiMEi, the entrepreneur Allan Feldt, previously founded the spring water business Aqua d'Or, which he turned into a market leader in Denmark and then sold to Danone.

In addition to developing new products, SEiMEi is dedicated to raising its profile and developing its market position through, among other things, a marketing campaign in collaboration with the Danish model Helena Christensen. The company also has en extensive CSR programme and emphasises a CO2 friendly production of its various products.

Read more about the partnership between Koff A/S and SEiMEi ApS (in Danish)

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