Bankernes Kontantservice sold to Loomis

Bankernes Kontantservice has just been sold to the Loomis group. Plesner has advised the Danish Central Bank and the selling banks on the transaction.

Bankernes Kontantservice (BKS) has approximately 340 employees and is a specialist in managing cash for stores, businesses, local authorities and banks.

BKS was originally established in 2010 when a number of banks joined their functions to handle money counting and cash transport. The Danish National Bank and the majority of the Danish banks owned BKS.

According to BKS's board of directors, the sale of BKS to the Loomis group is made following a strategic decision that Loomis, with its great experience in managing cash, is the right long-term owner of BKS.

Loomis, which manages cash in more than 20 countries, has approximately 22,000 employees and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 16 billion.

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