Merger between Metroxpress and BT

The newspapers Metroxpress and BT have entered into an agreement to merge into a new company. Plesner advised Metroxpress on the merger.

BTMX will be the name of the new media company that will be behind Metroxpress and BT in future. The merger means that the editorial staff of the two newspapers will be integrated, but that both Metroxpress and BT will continue, at least for the time being, as independent newspapers both in print and digitally.

The new company will be owned by Berlingske Media by 70% and by the Swiss media company Tamedia by 30%, which has been the owner of Metroxpress since 2013.

Together, Metroxpress and BT have more than 600,000 daily readers of the printed newspapers and with their websites and other digital publications they are in contact with more than 2.5 million Danes every month.

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