MobilePay's well-known "sent" confirmation sound registered as a sound trademark

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has approved MobilePay's digital "sent" confirmation sound as the first Danish MP3 sound trademark. Registration of digital sound files as trademarks has become possible after the new Danish Trademarks Act came into force on 1 January 2019. Plesner assisted MobilePay with the registration of the trademark.

In 2018, MobilePay submitted an application to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office for registration of the "MobilePay sent" sound as an MP3 sound trademark. MobilePay users hear the sound when they complete a transaction in the MobilePay app.

The Patent and Trademark Office has now granted the application, and it has been confirmed that MobilePay has a unique sound for electronic payment systems that may only be used by MobilePay.

In 2018, MobilePay's "sent" sound was heard more than 250 million times in connection with transactions by which more than DKK 80bn were transferred. The - unaided - level of awareness of the "MobilePay sent" sound is 80% among Danes making payments by means of their mobile phones.

New trademark act - new possibilities

Due to the new Trademarks Act that came into force on 1 January 2019, a graphic representation with sheet music is no longer required in order to obtain a trademark registration for a sound mark. The representation of a sound mark can now consist of a sound file in the form of an MP3 file or an MP4 file. The updating of the Trademarks Act thus makes it easier to register a sound as a trademark.

Click here to hear MobilePay's sound mark

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