Plesner now ranks among the world's best arbitration law firms

As the only Danish law firm, Plesner has been accepted to the prestigious ranking list "GAR 100" covering the best arbitration law firms in the world.

The "GAR 100" list is hosted by the internationally recognized law review Global Arbitration Review, which each year assesses and announces the firms accepted to the ranking list based on extensive reviews of all candidate firms.

Plesner is the market leader in Denmark within domestic and international arbitration (among other practice areas). This is because Plesner has always been at the forefront of dispute resolution in Denmark in general. Following the firm's involvement in multi-billion arbitrations in the 1990's concerning some of the largest construction projects in Danish history, Plesner was the first Danish law firm to focus on "Dispute Resolution" as an area of specialization and the first to establish an Arbitration Group in 2005.

While an effect of the globalization is that also a Danish law firm such as Plesner can take on arbitration cases abroad, including cases before foreign arbitration institutes and under foreign law, Denmark is obviously a small country on the international scene. Therefore, it is a remarkable achievement that Plesner - which only has an office in Copenhagen - is now recognized in GAR 100 alongside some of the largest and most renown global law firms out there. Plesner's dedicated team of lawyers and staff members has made this happen.

The GAR 100 list, Plesner's ranking profile, and further information can be found here

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