Attorneys from Plesner author new book on product imitations

Djøf Forlag has launched the book "Product imitation case law", authored by Kasper Frahm and Michala Kragmann. The book reviews the case law of the last 20 years and describes the current legal position in cases on product imitations. It also discusses a number of the practical, strategic and procedural considerations arising in cases regarding product imitations. 

Kasper Frahm and Michala Kragmann are the authors of the new book on product imitations. The main contents of the book consist of a review and an analysis of a number of the most significant court decisions on product imitations within the last 20 years, presenting some of the strategic, practical and procedural considerations arising in such imitation cases. Among other things, the book discusses whether the protective scope varies for the individual product types, whether previous contact between the parties is significant, and whether some sets of rules are more 'useful' than others.

The authors would like for this book to be a useful reference book for the practitioner working on product imitation cases, for the courts, and for companies selling products involving an effort as to appearance of the product. For the same reason, the book focuses on a practical and problem-based approach to this subject.

The book will be released on 23 April 2021.

You can read more about this book on the website of Djøf Forlag (in Danish).

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