Speech on Fraud in Personal Injury Cases

The Danish association of investigative consultants (Foreningen af Undersøgelseskonsulenter), which gathers those people in the insurance companies who are responsible for insurance fraud cases, had invited Torben Bondrop, attorney-at-law, to give a speech on fraud in cases concerning compensation on the basis of personal insurance - both accident insurance, guaranteed salary insurance and other types of personal injury insurance. The speech was given at the training centre Vejstruplund in Funen on 19 September 2002.

The speech was based on a specific case that Torben Bondrop has argued and won on behalf of 11 insurance companies both in the district court and the high court. The speech focused on the fact that even in personal injury cases in connection with personal insurance, the insurance companies should be aware of the risk of fraud. This area was previously considered a "fraud free area", but this opinion has been changed, among other things because of the case argued by Torben Bondrop. During the speech, Torben Bondrop also gave an account of the insurance companies' possibilities of refusing fraudulent claims, even when they are brought before the courts, including assessments of evidence, expert opinions, etc.