Hiring-out of labour with focus on labour law and tax law aspects and social security

Plesner invites you to a seminar on Danish businesses' hiring-in of foreign labour, with particular focus on the labour law and tax law aspects and social security.

Based on his book "The Europeanized Temporary Agency Worker. Labour law issues regarding temporary workers - for user companies, temporary work agencies and temporary workers", to be published this August, Attorney Jacob Falsner will lecture on the labour law framework applying to the hiring-in of temporary workers from foreign temporary work agencies.  

In terms of tax it is important to ascertain if hiring-out is taking place when foreign labour is used. Whereas such ascertainment is not difficult when the labour is hired in from a temporary work agency, it is not necessarily the case if the labour is hired by different means. At the seminar Attorney Mette Juul will go through the circumstances that will be taken into account by the Danish tax authorities when assessing whether hiring-out of labour is taking place. The most recent case law will also be discussed.

Maria Louise Berggren Pihl, who is a legal consultant with the Danish authority Udbetaling Danmark's unit for International Social Security, will visit Plesner and lecture on the social security rules in the EU/EEA and Switzerland, including the requirements to be met by businesses in connection with the posting of employees abroad under Danish social security rules and whether special requirements apply to temporary work agencies.


Please note that the seminar will be in Danish. Please visit our Danish website if you wish to register for the seminar.

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