Plesner Pre-Moot


Thank you to all participants in the very first Plesner Pre-Moot on 3 - 4 April 2017. This event was a great success, and Plesner Pre-Moot will be back next year! Read more about the very first Plesner Pre-Moot to your right on this page.

Plesner Law Firm

Plesner is one of Denmark's leading law firms. The company was founded in 1918, and today Plesner is one of the largest law firms in Denmark employing around 240 lawyers servicing some of the biggest corporations domestically and abroad.

Our firm continuously receives the highest international rankings across all practice areas, and Plesner is the market leader in several of these, including Dispute Resolution. In 2016, Plesner won The Lawyer European Awards as Law Firm of the Year in the Nordic countries, which is a first-time achievement for a Danish firm.

Our ambitions
Plesner's ambitions are to make a decisive difference in situations where material values are at stake for our clients, for instance in connection with complex dispute resolution, and to stand out as Denmark’s most innovative law firm and be the natural home for the best and most visionary employees. At Plesner, we strive to be the absolute market leader across legal advisory services, M&A and complex dispute resolution, by working as a collaborative team. These are the reasons why we cultivate a culture and method of work that promote creativity and sharing of knowledge and why we want to do away with conventional ways of thinking.

Dispute Resolution team
In the field of Dispute Resolution, Plesner is the leading law firm in Denmark. We are recognized for our solution-oriented case management and ability to handle the most complex cases. The group counts at least 70 lawyers (including junior associates), and Plesner has by far the largest and most specialized Dispute Resolution department in the country covering all commercial practice areas and with vast experience in international arbitration and cross-border litigation. Our philosophy is that highly specialized litigators and dedicated commitment are required to conduct and win complex cases for our clients, which is what we do best.

Why is Plesner hosting a pre-moot?
We believe that in our increasingly globalized world, in particular in the field of international dispute resolution, it is essential to promote understanding and collaboration across different legal cultures and backgrounds. Plesner wants to play an active part in this development and wants to invest in future generations. It is no secret that the annual Vis Moot competition plays an important role in shaping tomorrow's international litigators and arbitrators and in further strengthening relations among practitioners in the field. For these reasons, Plesner is proud to support this wonderful event by arranging a ''Pre-Moot'' for this year's Vis Moot competition. 

We hope that you will have opportunity to participate in Plesner Pre-Moot 2017, and in any case we hope to see you all at the main event in Vienna. To all you ''Mooties'', we at Plesner wish you the best of luck in this year’s competition and in your future endeavours!

Structure of the Pre-Moot

Plesner Pre-Moot 2017 will serve as preparation for the oral arguments in the 24th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, and the Pre-Moot will thus be based on the problem of the Vis Moot and will otherwise be conducted under the same rules as applied in the Moot. The participating arbitrators (three for each round of argument) will all be experienced practitioners in the field of international dispute resolution.

During the Pre-Moot, each team will conduct four rounds of oral argument - similar to the ''general rounds'' in Vienna. Each team will be paired against four other teams - to the extent possible from different countries - and will plead twice as Claimant and twice as Respondent. On the first day of the Pre-Moot, half of the teams will plead as Claimant and the other half as Respondent. On the second day, the roles will reverse. There can be a maximum of two oralists per team in each round of argument, and the teams may freely chose the oralists that will participate in each round of argument.

All teams will receive feedback from the respective arbitrators after each round of argument. The teams will be scored by the arbitrators similar to the scoring system used at the ''general rounds'' in Vienna. The team with the highest total score for the four rounds will win the prize for best team.

The oralist(s) with the highest total score for two rounds - one pleading as Claimant and one as Respondent - will win the prize for best individual oralist. In order to be eligible for this prize, the oralist must plead at least once as Claimant and once as Respondent. If an oralist pleads in more than two rounds (i.e. more than once as Claimant and Respondent, respectively), the applicable total score will be the aggregate of 1) the average score for the rounds in which the oralist has pleaded as Claimant, and 2) the average score for the rounds in which the oralist has pleaded as Respondent.

Participation and Registration

All teams registered and participating in the 24th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot are eligible to participate in Plesner Pre-Moot 2017. 

Participation in Plesner Pre-Moot 2017 (including social events) is free of charge.

You can no longer register for Plesner Pre-Moot 2017.

Location, Transport and Accommodation

The Pre-Moot is held at Plesner’s office:

Amerika Plads 37
2100 Copenhagen 

While participation in Plesner Pre-Moot 2017 is free of charge, participants will have to arrange their own transport to/from Plesner and accommodation in 
Copenhagen during the Pre-Moot.

Plesner’s domicile is located a 10-15-minute walk from Østerport Station and Nordhavn Station. 

Cabs are available right outside the exit at Copenhagen Airport for transportation to the city.

The cab ride varies based on time of day and traffic conditions, but takes approximately 20-25 minutes.

You can also take the Metro (subway) from the airport to central Copenhagen - the fare is approximately DKK 30 and takes 15-20 minutes.

Accommodation is at your own expence. We have listed some suggestions in different price ranges. Please note that the prices are guiding and may vary. We suggest that you book your accommodation as soon as possible, as we cannot guarantee that the listed hotels have available rooms.

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel 
Toldbodgade 24-28, 1253 Copenhagen
(a 10 min cab ride from Plesner)

Single Room: DKK 1,025
Double Room: DKK 1,225
Triple Room: DKK 2,795

Amerika Plads 7, 2100 Copenhagen
(a 2 minute walk from Plesner)

Studio apartment (1 pers): DKK 1,100
Studio apartment (2 pers): DKK 1,100
Two bedroom apartment (3 pers): DKK 1,750 
Two bedroom apartment (4 pers): DKK 2,795 

Borgergade 9, 1300 Copenhagen
(a 10 min cab ride from Plesner)

Single Room: DKK 500 
Double Room: DKK 600
Triple Room: DKK 900
Family Room (4 pers): DKK 1,000