About Plesner

Our ambition is to make a decisive difference in situations where material values are at stake for our clients.

Plesner is one of Denmark's leading law firms. We maintain special focus on assignments involving our clients' material assets, and our clients especially come to us for solutions to such assignments.

This is the case whether or not values are at stake in connection with the establishment, growth or winding-up of a business, protection, transfer and financing of assets or activities – or in connection with disputes.

We therefore focus particularly on developing our competences in strategic legal advisory services at management level, large-scale transactions and complex dispute resolution. It is our aim to win and maintain the position as an absolute market leader in these areas.    

We know that the fulfilment of this aim requires us to continue our development and stand out as Denmark's most innovative law firm and the natural home for the best and most visionary employees. This is why we cultivate a culture and method of work that promote creativity and do away with conventional ways of thinking.     

And we recognise that the position as market leader is not exclusively secured through constant development of our professional competences but is conditional on us being able to provide an unparalleled customer experience in all contexts. Therefore, Plesner's individual team members are aware of the role that he or she plays in serving our clients in the best possible manner.

Our ambition runs like a red thread through everything that we do. It guides our way of thinking, our way of accumulating and sharing knowledge and our way of working together. And it is essential to our recruitment, our choice of work and the solutions we provide.

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