Anne Louise Haack Andersen

Attorney-at-Law, Director

Anne Louise Haack Andersen is an attorney-at-law and is head of Plesner’s Social Housing team. Anne Louise provides expert legal advice on social housing/subsidised housing and the social housing sector and for many years she has advised social housing organisations, property developers and pension funds on matters relating to the implementation of social and mixed (social and private) housing, project development and transactions. 

Anne Louise advises on all aspects of social housing and property development, including transactions, organisation of ownership structures, planning law, construction law, procurement law etc.

Anne Louise participates in preparatory legislative work in her field of expertise on an ongoing basis, and over time she has assisted social housing organisations to prepare several important models for the realisation of mixed housing and the development of housing areas, including the “delegated client model” (Danish: den delegerede bygherremodel) and regulation of social and private companies created for the purpose of development and use of land (Danish: arealudviklingsselskaber).

Furthermore, Anne Louise advises on complex regulatory matters in the area of social housing law, including in matters relating to ancillary activities, financing, implementation of general unified plans and development plans, partitioning of housing areas and supervisory matters.

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