Emil Jurcenoks

Attorney-at-Law, Partner

Emil Jurcenoks advises on Marketing Law and Consumer Law as well as IP Law.

Emil is head of our Marketing Law and Consumer Law team that provides advice on all aspects of marketing and consumer law, including with regard to the planning of marketing activities and conflicts between businesses or in relation to authorities.

In addition, Emil advises on all aspects of IP law, focusing in particular on copyright law, design law, trademark law and trade secrets as well as conflicts and litigation within this area, and he has extensive experience from his time as an assistant judge at the Danish Supreme Court and at the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court (the Danish court of first instance in respect of IP matters) from 2012-2015. Emil also has extensive experience in IP transactions and contracts.

Emil further advises on media law.


  • Emil Jurcenoks is mentioned as a marketing and consumer law specialist and recommended as regards Media and Entertainment (2019)

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