Sarah Schæffer


Sarah Schæffer is an attorney-at-law in our Dispute Resolution team.

Sarah is primarily engaged in litigation and arbitration proceedings in construction law and in general insurance and tort law, and she provides advice in matters on infrastructure.

Sarah advises clients in a broad range of areas, including technical consultants, contractors and employers in the context of litigation and arbitration proceedings, on consultants'/contractors' professional liability and on product and business liability. She also advises clients on litigation and arbitration proceedings of a more general nature in the law of torts and deals with procedural law on a daily basis.

Sarah has advised a wide array of large and medium-sized businesses, for instance in the building and construction industry where she has contributed her legal competences and ensured an efficient process in several complex and comprehensive expert opinion cases and in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Moreover, Sarah has advised construction industry clients on large-scale infrastructure projects to ensure efficient project management among other benefits.

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