Both newly established and existing businesses are often faced with the choice between different distribution forms in relation to the sale and marketing of their products and services domestically and abroad.

There are a number of options/models that can be used separately and/or in combination (multi-channel distribution). A business's choice of distribution form can be of decisive importance to the success of the sale and marketing of its products and services.

Choosing the optimal distribution form for a business requires in-depth knowledge of the special features, advantages and disadvantages of each type of distribution as well as of relevant legislation, including the competition law rules.

Plesner has in-depth knowledge of both the individual types of distribution and the relevant legislation and has many years of experience in advising national, multinational and international businesses on choice of distribution form and implementation of distribution systems.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of distribution that a business might consider:

  • selective distribution
  • exclusive distribution
  • simple distribution
  • multi-tiered distribution (wholesalers and distributors)
  • agency
  • franchise
  • commission
  • concession
  • licence

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